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#Contact form 7 has reached 40 million downloads!

Contact form 7: A simple Introduction

       Contact form 7 is one of the earliest plugins developed for making a contact form, its free, simple to install and can be customizable to a large extent, especially now that its the most used plugin for making a contact form, there a plethora of addons that you can use to build  a form that fits your requirements.

       So, in this post i have put together all the customization you can do, style your contact form to fit your website and do the right things to make your contact form convert more, there two ways to do some of the things- one is by coding i.e adding CSS code to your theme file , the other way is installing plugins that will let you do the same.

       Use the table of contents below to navigate to whichever part you want to know about.

#Table of Contents

1. Installing the plugin and setting up of a basic contact form.

2. Features offered by contact form 7 and what you can do with them.
    a) URls, telephone number and dates.
    b) Drop-down menus, check boxes and radio buttons.
    c) Acceptance checkbox, quiz, file uploading and attachments

3  Solving common problems with using contact form 7
    a) how to store contacts that you collect from contact form 7?
    b) how to avoid getting your contact form spammed by bots and fakes?
    c) how to make my contact form 7 mobile responsive?

1. Installing the plugin and setting up a basic contact form.

     First and foremost step, go to plugins>> add new  and search for Contact Form 7, once you find it click install then activate it, its that simple.

     Go to the contact tab on the left, there will already be a contact form create for you , just copy the short code next to the contact form , for now we will just straight up get a basic form setup without messing with any features or customizing it.  

     Take the short code and post it in your contact us page. then update it and click view page afterwards. 
 That’s it, you have setup a basic contact form with a few fields.

2. Features offered by Contact Form 7 and what you can do with them

     Now its time to fully explore the contact form 7 plugin and truly know what you can do with it. i will list some the  important features and explain them below:

        a) Url’s, telephone numbers  and dates
            With contact form 7 you can add a fields that take url’s such as website address or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profile addresses or any other social profile addresses,  and also fields that can collect telephone numbers of your visitors. With the dates field you can collect values like Date of birth, time of departure and arrival dates for trips, etc. 



         b) Drop-down menus, check boxes and radio buttons
         Drop-down menus are used for choosing a certain option from a list of options it can be done in two ways , check boxes and radio buttons work in a similar manner too.


     c) Acceptance checkbox, quiz, file uploading and attachments
         An acceptance checkbox is a simple checkbox dedicated to confirming the submitter’s consent for a specific condition, for example it is used to ask whether you accept thier terms and conditions when you join a social network or signup for a certain service or buy games, software etc.

      The QUIZ option is used in order to distinguish a form submission by a computer program versus one from a human, and also to block them, you’ve been able to use CAPTCHAs with Contact Form 7. However, CAPTCHAs are hard to use in some cases. Some people have difficulty in answering CAPTCHAs, or simply dislike answering them. Managing CAPTCHA needs graphic libraries installed on the server, which are not always provided.

In some cases, a simpler approach is more suitable. With this quiz feature, you can do it by using question/answer testing with simple text that you have the flexibility to create.

     Using the file UPLOADING AND ATTACHMENTS feature, you can allow your users to upload their files via your form, and then an email with attachments of the files is sent to you. You can set which types of files you want your visitors to upload, make it a required field and also choose the maximum and minimum file sizes that are allowed  

3. Solving common problems with using contact form 7

     a) How to store contacts that you collect from contact form 7?   

You can use a plugin called Contact Form Database to accomplish your requirements. Whenever you want to refer that data you can either display it with the assistance of shortcodes or export it to a file. It is one of the most user-friendly plugins for Contact Form 7. 

You can also do this by integrating mailchimp with contact form 7, then all of the data you collected from you contact form 7 will be stored in mailchimp, this also one of the most used services for email marketing. 

      b) how to avoid getting your contact form spammed by bots and fakes?

     As a user of WordPress website or any website for that matter, the one thing that annoys you the most is spamming. You get tired and irritated when you see those repeated emails and messages on your site. In that case, you must optimize honeypot which is one of the best spam prevention plugins for Contact Form 7. In order to stop the bots from producing spams, what Honeypot does is it fills those fields which are not meant to be filled and that eventually helps in confusing the bots.

If you truly want to get rid of this problem, you are recommended to use Honeypot.

Final thoughts

As an user of contact form 7 myself, there is still a lot of things you can do with this amazing plugin, I will be updating this article with more things in the future, and also be writing other posts with more things you can do with.  

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